Why 3D? Many other lipo treatments rely on immediate exercise to metabolise released fat to achieve results.

3D-lipomed uses a three dimensional approach to targeted fat reduction and body contouring: 

1 - Ultrasound Cavitation and 2 -Duo Cryolipolysis are widely recognised as the two most effective circumference reduction techniques available. In addition, 3D-lipomed incorporates  3 - Dermology Radio Frequency for skin tightening and cellulite reduction


Radio frequency concentrates collagen fibres and regenerates deposits with painless tri-polar technology for face and body skin tightening

Cryolpolysis targets fat cells by lowering temperature and crystalising - the remaining content is disposed of naturally by the body

Dermology comprises vacuum and skin rolling and specifically targets cellulite as part of the 3D-lipomed programme

Cavitation is a non-invasive breakdown of fat cell membranes - fat content is disposed of naturally achieving visible results from the first treatment